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Activity Alliance releases updated profile toolkit

Wednesday 18th September 2019

Activity Alliance adds to its resource bank with the release of an updated profile toolkit.

The refreshed toolkit provides clear and simple guidance on how to identify and group Disabled people fairly for sports and activities.

Activity Alliance works to increase opportunities for Disabled people to be active at every level. We recognise that not all Disabled people can or want to compete at an elite level. Some simply want to enjoy taking part in sports and activities regularly and fairly at their school or local sports club.

This is where Activity Alliance’s profile toolkit comes in. Supported by the Sainsbury’s Inclusive PE programme, the toolkit introduces coaches, teachers and physiotherapists to different methods of identifying and grouping Disabled people for sports and activities. This includes people with physical, sensory and intellectual impairments.

The newly updated toolkit is a combination of the Profile System of sports classification (originally designed by Dr Christine Meaden in 1985) and the Activity Inclusion Model. Designed for use at a participation or development level, the toolkit enables individuals to improve their skills through positive competitive experiences.

Jannine Walker, Activity Alliance’s National Events Manager, has worked closely with partners to produce the updated profile toolkit.

Jannine said: 

“Increasing participation opportunities in more places is crucial for developing talent. We believe profiling children and adults promotes participation. Our updated profile toolkit guides teachers, coaches and physiotherapists through categories of sport and impairments to identify and group Disabled people. Not only does this enable fair competition at a beginner level, it supports Disabled people to take their first steps onto a competitive pathway in sport. It also supports teachers with the knowledge to be able to progress pupils of all abilities within PE sessions.”

Check out Activity Alliance’s updated profile toolkit.

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