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Adam Hills outlines how Physical Disability Rugby League has changed his life

Adam Hills has produced a documentary charting the journey of his Wolves team. It provides an inspirational  behind-the-scenes look at the stories within Physical Disability Rugby League, a new form of the sport that has opened doors many never thought possible, allowing  players with various disabilities to line up alongside able bodied participants.

“It’s about a group of guys that were told they could never play the game they love, who then got the chance to play against my boyhood team in the World Club Challenge. It’s absolutely the maddest thing I’ve done.”

Among those stories is Dan Phillips, who lost his right leg when he was hit by a truck when cycling. After that opening match against Leeds, Phillips had to have his leg re-amputated, such was the impact the game had on his body. However, it didn’t deter him from playing.

Hills explained:

“His wife was so worried that he was going to carry on coming to training and hurting himself that she hid his leg. He probably could have lived his life without having the re-amputation and said ‘well I guess I’m not playing rugby any more’. But he had it done as soon as possible so that he could make it to Australia. That is nuts, that’s commitment.”

“All of the guys have found a new lease of life, and we have become a true band of brothers. If someone had suggested a disability social group for men to come together and discuss disability and mental health, no one would have turned up. But a Physical Disability Rugby League team has made that happen – and has kept us all fit, active and energised by life.”

Catch the documentary ‘Adam Hills: Take His Legs’ on Friday at 11.30pm on Channel 4