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Free co-production training for the sport sector available now!

A news update about co-production training to national sport and leisure organisations as well as organisations in localities of Haringey, Bristol and Gloucestershire.

In exciting news, Get Yourself Active is now offering co-production training to national sport and leisure organisations as well as organisations in localities of Haringey, Bristol and Gloucestershire. 

The training will help organisations gain confidence to co-produce with Disabled people, improving access and reducing barriers to physical activity. If you work in these places, we would love to invite your organisation to learn more about improving opportunities for Disabled people to access physical activity through co-production training. 

Here at Get Yourself Active we want to lead change in the social care, health, and sport sectors, to improve health and wellbeing outcomes for Disabled people and help them to get active in a way that is right for them. Our team has been working closely with other Disabled people’s user-led organisations (DPULO’s) and the sport sector to embed co-production in practice. This ensures that the sport & leisure sector works effectively with Disabled people to co-produce solutions to inactivity.

As part of our work in educating the sport sector about the principles, values and processes behind co-production we are offering free workshops as part of our pilot project, which are delivered by partner Disabled people user-led organisations (DPULO’s). 

This work will improve the way the sport sector work in partnership with Disabled people in the design and delivery of physical activity. We can create more opportunities for Disabled people to have a say in the way that physical activity is provided and create more opportunities for Disabled people to be active in a way that is right for them. 

We think Co-production is so important because it supports people to use their own experiences and capacity to influence, blurring the boundaries between ‘professionals’ and ‘people who use services’ so that power is shared more equally. 

Get Yourself Active Programme Manager Lydia Bone leads a group of Disabled people in discussion

This is especially important in the sport sector. Put simply when services are genuinely co-produced they work better. We know this is because they make the most of the shared expertise of the professionals who work there and the people who have experience of using them. Working in a partnership like this can only be a driver of positive change!

We offer training to a range of organisations that deliver physical activity, whether you co-produce activities already or not. As long as you have an interest and would like to do more, we can and want to work with you. 

Currently, we are providing training both at a national level as well as in three areas – Gloucestershire, Haringey and Bristol in partnership with local DPULO’s. 

If your organisation is interested in joining a workshop to improve knowledge and confidence around using co-production approaches in practice, please feel free to get in touch and we can discuss this with you in more detail. 

You can also find many co-production resources on our website. In particular, we recently posted an excellent piece from Lydia Bone, Get Yourself Active Programme Manager, who redefined the meaning of co-production to make sure its true purpose is always felt. You can read that here.

For more information, please contact Lydia Bone at