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Get Yourself Active is launching a new social care resource

Exciting news! We are launching our new resource, the Social Care Activity Pack, next month and we want to invite you to our launch webinar on Friday 13th August at 11am. This free webinar will take you through the pack and will steer you through all it contains.

As part of our work on the Get Yourself Active programme, we have previously co-produced guidance with social care staff to support them with asset-based approaches to discussing the opportunities and outcomes brought about by physical activity.

We know that carers and support workers are also essential messengers about the importance of physical activity to Disabled people and the pack will help guide carers through these conversations and inform them about the benefits of physical activity for those they care for.

Get Yourself Active concentrated our efforts over the pandemic to develop a resource for the social care workforce to support Disabled people to be more active. The team is really excited to now be able to launch this pack and share it with everyone who works with, cares for or is interested in Disabled participation in physical activity.

The pack will develop your knowledge of physical activity, help you to have more conversations with the people you might support about getting active and how to provide active support, as well as giving you ideas to build exercise into everyday activities.

It has been designed to be used as and when a staff need to find information about supporting people to be active. At the end of each section, we have also included some interactive worksheets that can help to solidify your learning and can help to get conversations started with the people you support.

Our launch webinar will include talks from DRUK, Durham University, Sense and social care staff around the importance of supporting people to be active and how this resource can help. We will also take you through how to use the pack itself.

You can register here and we look forward to seeing you there!