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Get Yourself Active to Stay Healthy and Happy at Home

Image Credit – Parasport

We’re here to support you to Get Yourself Active at Home. Leanne Wightman explains how Disability Rights UK is working with partners to ensure you can be active at home in a way that is right for you.

ADisability Rights UK we are working hard to ensure that Disabled people have access to crucial information and are able to claim their rights during the coronavirus crisis. We are well known for our work on social security, social care and health, education and careers. As well as reorganising our efforts in these key policy areas to respond to the crisis, we have also been looking at how our members and their support networks seek to stay as healthy and happy as they can be at this time. 


Our Get Yourself Active programme funded by Sport England is about working with our friends in the social care and sport sectors to raise awareness about the benefits of physical activity and the importance of co-production. Our work with Disabled Peoples User Led Organisations plays a pivotal role in understanding the barriers Disabled people face in becoming or staying active so that we can create a change in the system to break down these barriers.  

We know that Disabled people are more likely to be experiencing impacts on their wellbeing as a result of the coronavirus crisis as reported by the Office for National Statistics through the recent Opinions and Lifestyle Survey.  So now more than ever we feel a huge responsibility to ensure that our members and the general public are able to gain access to ideas and content which provide the tools to be active in a way that is right for them.  

We feel heartened to see our partners in the sport sector making a concerted effort to share content which will encourage people to have a go at being active at home and feel part of a community. Sport England’s campaign to encourage the nation to #StayHomeWorkOut pulls together trusted resources and invites us all to join the movement.  

Activity Alliance have also created some useful resources which includes adapting activities so everyone in the household, Disabled and non-Disabled, can take part together. The We’re Undefeatable initiative also shares activity inspiration in the home to get you started.  

If all the new content out there this seems like a lot to keep track of, the GYA team at Disability Rights UK is doing this for you through our Get Yourself Active At Home page which we update regularly. As well as this we want to know from you how useful all the new online content and resources is when it comes to getting active at home. Our survey will go live in the next week or two and we really hope you can spare 5 minutes to share your experience, thoughts and insights.