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Everything a DPO or grassroots org needs to know about supporting Disabled people to get active

This is an introduction to everything you need to know as Disabled People’s Organisation looking to support Disabled people get active.

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What is a Disabled People's User Led Organisation?

Disabled People’s User Led Organisations (DPULOs) are organisations run by Disabled people for Disabled people. They exist to provide peer support, challenge perceptions around Disability and give a collective voice. Disability Rights UK (DR UK), the lead partner for Get Yourself Active, is an example of DPULO.

They can be different shapes and sizes, exist for a particular impairment group or be pan Disability. DPULOs can be large organisations providing several services or a small community-based group. What unites them is that Disabled people make up 75% of their key decision-makers, e.g. board of trustees or management committee.

You can learn more about, and connect with other DPULOs on the DPULOs page of the Disability Rights UK Website.

Why you are so important

  • Changing perceptions and giving Disabled people a stronger voice in the local community
  • Providing peer support in areas such as social care, financial services, employment and volunteering
  • Promoting the social model of Disability and working to break down barriers
  • Providing a range of practical support services, alongside information, advice and guidance to better support Disabled people

“People meet over dance or yoga, but ultimately, it’s the community spirit that keeps them together and coming back for more”

Anna Denham, Get Yourself Active Programme Manager

How do you help deliver sport and physical activity?

  • Designing and running inclusive activities with a better understanding of individual needs and goals

    DPULOs understand Disabled people because they are run by Disabled people. Being closely connected to those they support means they offer bespoke support and services.

  • Offering an appropriate level of support to help the individual attend their chosen physical activities.

    Everyone deserves to get active in a way that suits them. The close proximity of DPULOs to their users means they can tailor activities and sessions to individuals’ needs. DPULOs have the confidence and knowledge to do so effectively.

  • Influencing social care and health professionals to have conversations about physical activity

    The intimate knowledge that DPULOs possess allows them to promote the importance of physical activity, as they witness the benefits every day.

  • Brokering links between Disabled people and local sports providers and promoting co-production

    You understand the barriers Disabled people face, which allows them to have honest conversations with local sports organisations about improving services. You can also promote using co-production approaches in practice, sharing how working in partnership with Disabled people can reduce the barriers they face when accessing physical activity.

Next Steps

We want to work with you!

We want to help organisations reduce the negative impacts of Covid-19 and address any widening inequalities in participation rates in sport and physical activity.

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