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Simple Seated exercise videos for Disabled people

This short guide includes some of our favourite seated exercise videos so you can get active and have fun wherever you are.

Reading Level: Beginner
Reading Time: 2 minutes

We reached out to our partners during the height of the Coronavirus restrictions. We began working with Sense and Durham University to find out how Disabled people have been staying active during the coronavirus pandemic. We used this to influence what resources would help people stay active at home.

We used the findings from our research to co-design accessible and inclusive pre-recorded videos using the experiences and feedback. You can find these videos on the Get Yourself Active YouTube.

You can learn more about the Active at the Home project on our projects page.

Alongside this, we have been finding new ways, online videos and resources to help us to keep doing the activities we love.

This guide lists our current favourite seated videos shared by our friends and partners. If you have a suggestion for a video or resource to add, please email

What are seated exercises?

Getting active as a wheelchair user or someone who has a mobility impairment can feel like a big challenge. Being active will bring you important health benefits and help you manage your daily life.

Whatever your preferences and level of physical ability, there will be an activity or sport for you.

Being active does not mean going to the gym or finding a competitive sport. Activity can take many forms and happen in many places. It is about having fun wherever you are!

Please make sure that you give yourself plenty of room to move around and drink plenty of water before, during, and after exercising when you do these activities at home.

Three videos to try

  • Seated workouts by Ella Beaumont

Ella Beaumont, who has a degree in Sport Coaching Science and is experienced in Wheelchair Basketball and other sports, has been offering a large variety of seated workouts on her YouTube channel. These include a variety of exercises that you can try from your own home.

  • Seated workouts by Rosaria Barreto

Rosie is a personal trainer, GP referral instructor and Sports coach. She created her YouTube channel to help people with long term health conditions exercise and keep fit whilst ensuring it is pain-free! She has a variety of exercises available on her channel, including many seated workouts.

  • MS society seated workouts

Dom Thorpe is a specialist in exercise for Disabled people and has created various videos for the MS society to keep active at home. All of the activities are suitable for wheelchair users.

Whatever you are looking for, there is a Guide for you, and you can search through Yoga, Dance, Cardio, Strength and Seated in the guides section of our website. Just select Active at Home on the filters at the top of the page.

We want these pages to always work for you, and for that, we need help. If there’s a resource you’d like to see more of – or you have a video of your own you think would interest others in the community, please reach out to the team and email

How you exercise and what you enjoy is always evolving, and we want our page to too

Next Steps

We want to hear from you! 

We’d love for you to share your experiences of getting active and having fun wherever you are. Please do get in touch to share your thoughts on the latest news or what sport and physical activity mean to you.

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