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Help us to stop ableism in messages about physical activity and sedentary behaviour

We are working with our close partner Durham University to change the way we talk about physical activity.

In recent years organisations and public health agencies around the world have started to target sedentary behaviour. This is often done now through messages like “Stand up, sit less”, “Sit less, move more”, and “Chairs are killer’s”. During a recent research project with Durham University DR UK found that Disabled people believed these messages were ableist and wanted change. Click here for a link to a paper provides an example of an output from the project.

Professor Brett Smith and DR UK (Get Yourself Active) has spent time lobbying for the change of ableist messages. There has been some success. For example, Public Health Ireland changed their messages. However, we are now seeing some resistance to changing messages. It is often said ‘It is not big deal’. We challenge this. Please find a link to the letter below saying why ableism is a big deal. We aim to publish the letter in the British Journal of Sports Medicine.

That journal is widely read by physical activity organisations and public health agencies. It is thus an opportunity to educate and make change.  If you would like to add your organisation’s name to the letter please contact

Stop spreading ableism in PA messages – Open letter