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Keep safe this weekend and stay at home

With good weather forecast this weekend, the Canal & River Trust are reminding people to stay at home and limit their use of towpaths, parks, footpaths and open spaces.  They are reminding people that whilst the towpaths remain open, use of them should be limited in line with Government advice, and strictly local only. This means people should limit their use, avoid stretches where multiple boats are moored where possible as people aboard may be self-isolating, and always apply social distancing measures.

Public health officials have stressed the importance of people staying at home. As Prof Jonathan Van Tam, the deputy chief medical officer for England, commented:

“Whatever the weather, we all have a shared responsibility to protect those around us, and the single most important action we can all take in fighting coronavirus is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives.”

As towpaths in some places can be narrow, when you pass someone, please make sure you use the full width of the towpath, keep moving, stand aside to allow others to pass, in single file, when necessary. If you can’t avoid passing a moored boat please keep as far away from it as possible and pass quickly by.

If we all continue to observe government guidance, follow advice to limit towpath use, and strictly observe social distancing, together we can combat this pandemic – and be able to enjoy getting back out on or by our waterways when we’ve beaten it.