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New Friends of GYA videos to help you get active at home

At Get Yourself Active we understand that the last year has been incredibly challenging for the Disabled community. We have all found ourselves adjusting our lives to adapt to new restrictions, lockdowns, and ways of living. Our vision of equal participation in sport for all has been central to how we’ve looked at the pandemic. We too have been finding new ways to keep active, and like almost the entire population, online videos and resources have helped us to keep doing the activities we love.

With this in mind, we created the Active at Home section of our website at the start of the pandemic to help facilitate access to physical activity from the comfort of your homes during the pandemic. This section was designed so we can all find a variety of resources designed to help Disabled people and people with long term health conditions to get active at home. This ranged from specific resources or toolkits to easy-to-follow exercise videos that you could use straight away from our site.

As the pandemic progressed and changed attitudes towards sport and physical activity, we’ve worked hard to make sure that the resources we host are helpful, informative, and accessible. The friends of Get Yourself Active page has always been a place where we curate the best and most accessible videos and resources from across the internet to help us all get active in ways that work for us.

Now as the pandemic restrictions ease, we appreciate that many of us would still prefer to get active at home or enjoy the flexibility and autonomy that online resources offer. To that end, we’ve been working hard behind the scenes to seek out new videos, resources, and guides to help you shake up your routine, try new activities and get active at home.

This week we have published a raft of new videos and resources that you can find throughout the Friends of Get Yourself Active Page.  For example, we have just added Wheelpower’s latest guide to using resistance bands to help Disabled people understand and use the equipment to build strength and use them safely. Wheelpower has also curated many resistance band workouts that you can do once you’re up to speed.

Elsewhere, we have added Dancesyndrome’s newest inclusive online dance workshop for those of us for whom dance is our favourite way to get active. Their disability-led session has been adapted so that everyone can take part safely no matter where they are or what needs they may have! If dancing isn’t your speed we’ve added a tonne of new videos including the NHS’s Pilates videos for those with chronic ailments such as back pain.

Whatever you are looking for there is a video on the page for you and you can search through all our categories: Yoga, Dance, Cardio, Strength, Seated and other.

We want this page to always work for you and for that we need your help too. If there’s a resource you’d like to see more of – or you have a video of your own you think would be of interest to others in the community please reach out to the team. How you exercise and what you enjoy is always evolving and we want our page to too!