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Active Together

This page explains our Active Together video project, a publicly accessible film that shows how Disabled people get active in care environments.

Along with noted film-makers Rainbow Collective, the social care providers Trafford Choices and Community Integrated Care, and the organisation Skills for Care, we launched a publicly accessible film that shows how Disabled people get active in care environments.

We are making the videos available to encourage journalists, organisations and the social care workforce to better understand the reality of getting active. We want these videos to be used as teaching resources in the social care and work sector, to break down barriers and support Disabled people to be active in the ways they want.

Get Yourself Active’s extensive research has shown that the social care workforce are essential and trusted messengers to those whom they support. Ultimately, if the workforce understands more about the importance of physical activity and what is on offer, they will be better placed to help Disabled people lead a more active life.

These videos will prove to be a valuable resource by tackling the barriers head-on. Providing social workers, care staff and family members with the knowledge and tools to become agents of change, supporting Disabled people to enact their right to get active in the ways that they want.

The videos are freely available on the Get Yourself Active Youtube channel and show:

  • The reality of Disabled people’s participation in physical activity
  • Disabled people and support and care workers showing examples of how they stay active together and how it benefits them all
  • Disabled people talking about why physical activity is important to them and how they have been supported by their care/support worker
  • Support or care workers talking about how they have supported Disabled people to get physically active, opening up and being honest about what has helped, what challenges they may have faced and how they worked through these

More resources can be found in the Get Yourself Active Dropbox.

We wanted to make sure the film is as accessible as possible. If you need a version without background music, or with BSL translation, these are available on the Get Yourself Active Youtube channel.

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We want to help organisations reduce the negative impacts of Covid-19 and address any widening inequalities in participation rates in sport and physical activity.

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