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Embedding Co-production in the sports sector

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The Get Yourself Active team has been working to influence the sports sector to be better equipped to involve Disabled people in the design, development and delivery of physical activity.

In the previous phase of Get Yourself Active, we undertook a crucial initiative-developing and testing co-production workshops alongside Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs). This work was instrumental in embedding co-production in practice and benefiting organisations. However, it also revealed a lack of understanding around co-production in the sport and physical activity sector.

We have been working with other organisations as a collective voice to produce a shared narrative for co-production, aiming to improve knowledge, guide action and influence policy and practice. It is hoped this resource can enable the sector to be on the ‘same page’ regarding what co-production is and what it might look like in sport and physical activity. We are currently developing case studies to ensure the resource is relatable to the sector and aim to run more roundtables to further the development of the resource. When complete, we will assess the effectiveness of the narrative and create a plan for how we will support the sector further with co-production – whether that be further resources, training, or support sessions. We hope to launch the narrative in Autumn 2024.

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