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Moving Social Work

This page explains the work we are doing as a partner on the Moving Social Work project.

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The Moving Social Work programme aims to create resources and co-produce strategies for the education of the social workers of today and tomorrow. This project will make the first resources to educate people on social work. And provide post qualified social workers with the tools to promote physical activity to and for Disabled people.

Having begun in November 2020, the project is currently moving through four stages (scoping, content production, effectiveness testing and final production). We will aim for a national rollout by developing knowledge and testing the developed resources. The entire project is being co-produced with a team comprised of practising social workers, social worker lecturers, social work students and Disabled people.

Next Steps

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We want to hear from you if you support Disabled people to get active. Whether you are a social worker, health care worker, carer, we want to share your story.

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