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Read our recently published paper in the Disability and Rehabilitation Journal

2019 has been a great year for the Get Yourself Active programme. Since 2015, DR UK and Disabled Peoples User Led Organisations have ensured that the social model of disability is one of the key principles driving our approach to increasing physical activity amongst Disabled people. It is through this lens that we have developed a new programme of work with our funding partner Sport England to influence key stakeholders in social care, health and the sport sector through our ever increasing partnerships with DPULOs locally.

We can never make assumptions about what Disabled people want and as a national organisation it is crucial that we have the on the ground knowledge and experiences captured properly, in a robust way. This is why we are so excited about our research partnership with Durham University. This fantastic partnership allows us to develop evidence-based and co-produced research about the key components needed to promote physical activity to Disabled people.

We have recently published a paper with Brett Smith at Durham University in the Disability and Rehabilitation Journal, Promoting physical activity to Disabled people: messengers, messages, guidelines and communication formats. This paper outlines the background to two significant pieces of work over the last few years: the Social Worker Guidelines and the first co-produced, Chief Medical Officer physical activity guidelines. We are very proud to be involved in this work and thank everyone involved in the research.

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