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Fundraising Story

In this blog by Danny Lloyd he explains how we raised money for APS Support UK and the Stroke Association.

“To give what I’ve been up to some context, I thought I’d explain my personal story briefly. I was a reasonably fit – and I thought – healthy ex-rugby player turned bodybuilder, when at age 22 it went a bit wrong. I had a small stroke and suffered kidney damage as a result of a rare autoimmune condition known as antiphospholipid syndrome (APS).  It was treated/managed for years until it went very wrong many years later.

I collapsed at home as a result of a major stroke that triggered a catastrophic APS event. This led to kidney failure, adrenal gland failure and then brain infections. I was treated and had residential rehab where I had to relearn everything… I didn’t lose any cognitive function throughout so was/am very aware of my new limitations. It took at least a year of hard work to be able to function independently again. Riding a gym bike was terrifying.

Having said all this I realise I actually gained more than I lost because I value so much more about life. I live life to the best of my ability and simply aim to be better today, than yesterday. The bike is still a scary thing to do…I can only let go with one hand for a few seconds, or I will fall off. I never waste a moment. I want to always know I lived life to the best of my ability.

The charities I am raising funds for, APS Support UK and the Stroke Association have helped me to understand myself and raise awareness of the condition to others and help them.”

You can sponsor Danny’s amazing fundraising efforts online.