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Superhero Series launches new winter events

A story about the Superheroes Series of  mass-participation sports events for Disabled people founded by Sophia Warner,


It’s official – we are on Winter countdown with less than 3 months to go until At Home Winter Wonderwheels and Winter Wonderwheels arrive in style.

Bold, gutsy and inclusive

The UK’s one and only Disability sports series for all of us everyday Superheroes. The mission has always been simple for Superheroes Series: create fun, full-throttle mass-participation sports events where Disabled people are in charge and don’t have to worry about cut-off times or equipment restrictions.

Founded by Sophia Warner, who saw the issues that Disabled people like her had when they tried to access sports events. Her own experiences combined with meeting many sports lovers over the years, like their wonderful ambassadors, who are crying out for more opportunities are the inspiration for this series.

One of the priorities was to offer mass-participation events where Superheroes can use any type of equipment they need to complete the course, from adaptive bikes and powerchairs to race runners and baby buggies.

So this year the amazing team at Superhero Series are running their first in-person physical event since 2019 and also continuing to run their ever popular at home event. They guarantee both events will be full so recommend that anyone who wants to take part book now to avoid disappointment. Head to their website to join in the fun!

Wonderwheels is the text displayed behind cartoon images of Disabled children and people with various mobility differences

The Celebrity Competition is also coming back!

We are all super excited about the news that the competition is coming back, and Superhero Series will be publishing the details on their website shortly. If you want to win a chance to take on your super mission with one of their amazing Team Captains, please keep checking their website and social media pages to sign up!