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The Power of Co-production: A Quote From a Participant.

An individual’s experience of being involved in co-production and what it means to them.

Below is a recent heart-warming quote from one of our Sounding Board participants telling us how being part of the group has positively impacted their life. The Sounding Board are a group of Disabled individuals who meet once every two months with the Get Yourself Active (GYA) team at Disability Rights UK to discuss present barriers that Disabled people are facing in the sport and physical activity sector.

“It is so uplifting and helpful to discuss such an important part of my mental health management in such an open, safe and non-judgmental way.  I learn so much from you all. You are just stars, and I want to give you all big hugs!!!  I feel heard, valued and respected instead of shamed and unrealistic.  My time spent in these sessions, as in all the ones we have shared over the last two years, thanks to Elliot, Laura and Lydia at Disability Rights UK, has been such a positive in my life. I honestly feel most privileged and grateful to know you all, have this voice and feel somewhat normal and valued again.  I cannot thank all involved in this enough and leave you all this evening with a smile and a positive attitude that we are facilitating positive change.”