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Whose care is it anyway? The #socialcarefuture inquiry needs you!

We all want to live in the place we call home with the people and things that we love, in communities where we look out for one another, doing the things that matter to us.

For everyone, these are really important things in life. They make us who we are, give our lives meaning and make us happy. But for many, who need some support from social care, we have had to fight for support and often that support has meant losing some of these important things from our lives.

But Social Care Future know social care can be different. Social Care Future (a group of people with lived experience of social care) are leading an inquiry into social care, looking at how the vision above can become reality for everyone, whether they need social care or not.

But Social Care Future need to hear from YOU!

Whether you receive social care, care for a loved one, don’t qualify for support, work in social care or are someone who cares about this- your opinion and ideas are important and will help inform the findings of the inquiry.

Social Care Future are offering many ways to tell them what you think, so hopefully there will be a way that works for you:

You can fill in a short survey here

There is an easier read version here

You can join a zoom session and tell Donna and Julie what you think. These will be on Friday 22nd Jan at 2.30pm, Thursday 28th Jan at 6pm and Saturday 30th Jan at 2.30pm. Please email to get the zoom link.

You can phone them on 0121 474 5900 and speak to Wendy who will take down your answers for you.

You can send them a video / drawing or in any other way that you communicate to

Social Care Future also ask that you share this with people that you know. You could hold a zoom session of people you work with or know and send Social Care Future their answers or help someone who may find it difficult to respond to get their views heard. Through the diverse network of people who are part of SCF they are hoping to hear from a wide range of people, but they need your help with this.

Thank you for being part of this inquiry,

The Inquiry Group