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Get Yourself Active transforms attitudes and perceptions of disability and physical activity by informing, empowering and supporting Disabled people and other key stakeholders.

Multiple studies have shown various health and wellbeing benefits of physical activity for Disabled people. These include improved energy, better decision making, lower levels of stress, as well as creating a sense of community.

The same studies have shown that Disabled people overwhelmingly want to do more physical activity than they currently can. This is largely due to a lack of accessible resources and facilities and a lack of clear information about what is available.

Find out more about the real experiences of Disabled people.

Those who care have told us that they don’t always know how to talk to Disabled people about the benefits of being active

Working closely with social workers and those in the social care sector, we’ve put together a series of guides to support you. From information on what’s available to advice on how to discuss a more active lifestyle, we’re here to help.

View our guides for all of those who care for Disabled people

We’re committed to researching and understanding exactly what the barriers are for Disabled people trying to lead a more active lifestyle.

We work with our partners to uncover the experiences of Disabled people and people with long term health conditions when we try and get active.

Over the last five years, we’ve looked at many different topics, including the role of care workers in supporting Disabled people to get active, how local coordinator models can work, and the effect of the Covid-19 pandemic on Disabled people’s activity levels.

View our latest research and evidence